Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fluffy puffy

The fluffy moo!
Its milky colour makes it look so tasty doesn't it? Or maybe it's just me.

The front.
The horns.
The pink sewed on nostrils, lol.

The different colour patches. Darker shade reminds me of caramel =) AND look how the fur is sort of twirled. I hope you know what I'm talking about, I have no idea how to describe it, lol.

The back. It has a cute little tail.

The ribbon around its neck.

The size.

Item name : Fluffy moo
Price : RM20
Status : Sold out

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hip hip. . .

. . . hippo!
This NICI hippo is perfect for valentine's day, look at the heart it's holding!

The front
The top view, because you couldn't see its face, lol.

The oh-so-sweet heart

The bellybutton

Closer look.

Its fury little tail

And of course, the size.

Item name : NICI hippo
Price : RM20
Status : Sold out


More pink stuff coming this way!
For all piggy lovers, this car accessory I'm sure you'll like. And who says pigs always have to be round and chubby?
Hot pink =D

There's a ribbon around its neck

The side. It has a springy tail too =)

How it looks like stuck on my window, lol.

The size

Item name : Pink oink
Price : RM8
Status : Available

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pink MOO!

To all moo lovers, this is for you.
I have this cute little pink moo moo full of heart shapes =D

A closer look =)
Heart on the front.
Hearts on its back and a heart shape tail.
On the right,
And on the left.

The size.

Item name : Pink moo
Price : RM20
Status : Sold out

I have more to come but I'm in a little hurry now. I will update as soon as I can =D

Thursday, February 5, 2009

NICI mug!

Hello everybody =)
Here with me I have an adorable NICI mug. It'll make a great gift for that special someone to drink their morning cup of coffee in this wouldn't it? =D
It'll be a bonus for those who like cats.
The front.
The back.

The side, just in case if you wonder how it looks like, lol.

Look, there are two of them in the cup too, so cute!
*click to enlarge*

A closer look. NICI =)

The bottom.
See, even the tag is cute.

Finally, the size.
And don't worry, we provide you a box as well =)

Item name : NICI cat mug
Price : RM 25
Status : Available

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine special #2?

Hello everybody, I'm back with more goodies =)
First up I have the "Me to You" bears, I personally find them adorable. And they wear removable t-shirts!
With t-shirt on,
And it being completely naked! Lol.

It has a patch that says 'ME to you' on their left foots too.

This is the white one.

The red one.

The pink one.

The green one.

And the blue one.

Don't you just love their baby blue noses?

Item name : Me to You T-shirt Bears.
Price : RM12 each
Available in 5 colours : White, Red, Pink, Green and Blue.
Status : White : Sold
Red : Sold
Pink : Sold
Green : Sold
Blue : Sold

Next I have more NICI sheeps. These are smaller than the one with hoodie in the previous post, and they have bean bag butts too =)

All three colours look so sweet.

Their side profile.

A closer look at the fluffy material.

Item name : NICI Sheep
Price : 25
Available in three colours : Grey, White and Pink.
Status : Grey : 1 left
White : 1 left
Pink : Sold out

Just a comparison in size. Awh, they look like a happy family =D

Finally, the big head pink cheeks classic teddy bear!
A closer look at the pink cheeks.

Its material is super soft and smooth. It's very nice to hold =)

The pink ribbon.

Item name : Pink Cheeks Teddy
Price : 55
Status : Available

Shop away shoppers!